Ph.D. Alumni

Name Graduation Year Research Subject Research Advisor
kfir Kfir Tshuva 2023

Decision Theory, Finance, Economic Theory


פרייברג רועי Frayberg Roi 2022 Macroeconomics, Central Banking, Banking Supervision.
Tim Ginker Ginker Tim 2022

Estimation and Inference in Stochastic Unit Root Models, Applied Finance and Macroeconomics


Itamar Caspi Caspi Itamar 2020 Time Series and Panel Data Econometrics, Applied Macroeconomics and Finance
אסנת פלד-לוי Peled-Levy Osnat 2019

Labor Market and Welfare Policy, Polarization, Distributional Change

Ella Shachar Shachar Ella 2019 Labor Economics, Policy Evaluation
תמונה של דר' נתן גולדשטיין Goldstein Nathan 2018 Macroeconomics, Applied Econometrics
גב' מיטל יזראלוב Izraelov Meital 2018 Food Security, Health Economics
Dr. Assaf Basevitch Basevitch Assaf 2017 Social Choice
tal patal Patal Tal 2017

Decision making, Auditing, Accounting


Amatzia Samkai Samkai Amatzia 2017 Labor Economics, Applied Micro
אינסה זבגלסקי Zvagelsky Inessa 2017 Econometrics
Dr. Doron Klunover Klunover Doron 2016 Political Economy, Public Economy and Applied Microeconomics
Dr. Don-Yhiya Hadas Don-Yhiya Hadas 2014 Macro, Development Economics, International Economics
Yogev Michal 2014 Microeconomics, Education Economics, Family Economics
Konikov-Livne Avigail Konikov-Livne Avigail 2012

Financial Economics, Credit Risk, Short Selling

Dr. Zoya Nissanov Nissanov Zoya 2012 Income Polarization, Inequality and Economic Transition.
Shevach Avner Shevach Avner 2012

Consumer behavior, Economics and Psychology

Pomerantz Renana 2011 Political Economy, Public Policy, Media Economics
Sherman Joshua 2011 Industrial Organization, Antitrust Economics
Snir Avichai 2011

Price Rigidity in Models of Implicit Contracts and Rational Inattention

Sultana Rezina 2011 Political Economy, Economic Development and Behavioural Economics
גונן לימור Gonen Limor 2010

Health Economics

Lazar Adi Lazar Adi 2010

Health Economics, Economic Development and Poverty

ולצמן יריב ז"ל Walzman Yariv blessed memory 2010

The Persistence Of Ineffective Aid


Dr. Anat Alexandron-Lavo Alexandron-Lavo Anat 2009

Social Structures And Social Norms

Fishler Amichai 2009 Political Economics, Micro Economics
Almekais Shaul 2008 Game Theory, Experimental Economics, Psychology
Weinberg Guy 2008 Sports Economics, Sports Wagering Markets, Market Efficiency
Furstenberg Achikam 2007

The Non-observed Economy in Israel For the period 1960-2004, Development, Estimations and Causes .