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The Aharon Meir Center for Banking

Director:  Prof. Elise S. Brezis

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The Aharon Meir Center for Banking promotes the advancement of research on, and studies of, banking in Israel.
The Center’s activities are concentrated in three realms: applied research in banking, dealing specifically with issues relevant to the Israeli economy, other academic research in banking, and graduate studies in the field of banking.

The Aharon Meir Center for Banking is located in the Department of Economics in Bar-Ilan University, and is dedicated to the memory of Aharon Meir, who served as the CEO of The United Mizrahi Bank, and as the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Bar-Ilan University.


Research Institute for Econometrics and Economic Theory (RIE)RIE logo

Director:  Prof. Igal Milchtaich


The primary purpose of RIE is to bring a synthesis between economic theory, mathematics and statistics, in order to form suitable econometric methodologies for the analysis of economic data.  While the RIE provides an academic forum for exchange of ideas and the promotion of research, special emphasis will also be placed on empirical applications and the interaction with the Israeli market.