Ph.D. Dissertations

Yearsort icon Title Degree Student Advisor
2019 Essays on Employment of Mothers with Young Children: the Case of Israel Ph.D Ella Shachar
2019 Distributional Change and the Measurement of Pro-Middle Class Growth: The Case of Israel Ph.D Osnat Peled-Levy Silber Jacques
2018 Macroeconomic Forecasts and Information Rigidities Ph.D Nathan Goldstein Zilberfarb Ben-Zion
2018 Three Essays on the Measurement of Food Security Ph.D Meital Izraelov Silber Jacques
2017 Collective Decision Making in a Team whose Members’ Skills Depend on States of Nature Ph.D Tal Patal
2017 A Novel Extension of Multinomial Logit for the Estimation of the Outcomes in Multi-Entry Competitions Ph.D Inessa Zvagelsky Schnytzer Adi
2017 Ex Post Scoring Ph.D Assaf Basevitch Baharad Eyal
2017 The Influence of Employment Incentives for Special Populations on the Individual, the Group, the Firm and the Economy. Ph.D Amatzia Samkai
2016 Essays on Rents and Public Goods Ph.D Doron Klunover Hillman Arye L.
2014 The Effect of the Marriage Market on Education Across Genders - Double Side Matching Structural Model Ph.D Yogev Michal Kahana Nava
2014 Technology, Firm Dynamics and Economic Growth Ph.D Hadas don-Yehiya Fishman Arthur
2012 Essays on Polarization, The Middle Class and Economic Growth in an Economy in Transition Ph.D Nissanov Zoya Silber Jacques
2012 Financial Markets and Corporate Default Ph.D Avigail Konikov-Livne
2011 Methods in Measuring Competitive Conduct Ph.D Sherman Joshua
2011 Three Essays On The Political Economy Of Economic Development Ph.D Sultana Rezina Hillman Arye L.
2011 Who Will Guard The Guards? Economic And Political Aspects Of Media Bias Ph.D Pomerantz Renana Epstein Gil S.
2010 Essays On Health Inequality Ph.D Adi Lazar
2010 The Persistence Of Ineffective Aid Ph.D Yariv Welzman Hillman Arye L.
2009 Social Structures And Social Norms Ph.D Alexandron-Lavo, Anat Nitzan Shmuel
2009 Bureaucracy - Advertisements, Abilities, And Corruption: Reconsideration Ph.D Fishler, Amichai C. Kahana Nava
2008 Social Preference, Other Regarding Behavior, And Punishment In View Of Attachment Theory Ph.D Shaul Almakias Weiss Avi
2008 Efficiency Of Professional Sports Wagering Markets : The Case Of Australian Rules Football Ph.D Guy Weinberg Schnytzer Adi
2007 Migration Policy And Immigrants’ Behavior At Equilibrium Ph.D Odelia Heizler (Cohen)
2007 On Income Mobility Measurement Ph.D Michal Weber (Witt) Silber Jacques
2007 The Quality Of Products In Markets With Asymmetric Information Ph.D Stern Arye Fishman Arthur