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Ph.D. Dissertations

Year Student Advisor
2007 The Quality Of Products In Markets With Asymmetric Information PhD Stern Arye Prof. Arthur Fishman
2006 Essays On Institutions And Public Finance PhD Bar-El Ronen Prof. Arye L. Hillman
2006 Obesity : Behavioral Economic Dimensions And Public Policy PhD Odelia Rosin Prof. Arye L. Hillman
2006 The Non-Observed Economy In Israel For The Period 1960-2004 Development, Estimations And Causes PhD Furstenberg Achikam Yossi Zur
2005 Efficiency And Productivity Growth In The Israel Banking System PhD Minzer Rudi
2005 Optimal Structure Of A Defense System In Models Of Arms Races Between Developed And Less Developed Countries And The Use Of Terror Weapons PhD Kagan Kobi Prof. Avi Weiss, Asher Tishler
2005 The Housing Market In The United States : A Further Look At Empirical Issues Associated With The Competitive Market Approach PhD Arbel Yuval Prof. Gershon Alperovich
2005 Three Essays On The Economics Of Compliance PhD Tobol Yossef Gideon Yaniv
2004 Asset Pricing And Risk Management In Market With Frictions PhD Malka Ron Dr. Avraham Levy
2004 Choice Of Hospitals In Israel PhD Neuman Einat Prof. Gil S. Epstein, Prof. Joseph Deutsch
2004 Essays On Gender And Wage Inequality In Israel PhD Osnat Israeli (Nagelberg) Prof. Jacques Silber
2004 Rationality And Decision Making PhD Kriesler Kobi Prof. Shmuel Nitzan
2004 Regulatory Failure And Interest Groups : The California Electricity Market In Comparative Perspective PhD Elimelech Goldstein Prof. Elise S. Brezis, Prof. Warren Young
2004 Reputation, Firms And Social Norms PhD Yacouel Nira Yaakov Guttman
2002 Strategic Behaviour Under Network Externalities PhD Etziony Amir Prof. Avi Weiss
2001 Social Norms, Labor Standards And International Consequences PhD Katav-Herz Shirit Prof. Arye L. Hillman
2000 Three Essays In International Trade And Income Distribution PhD Zeif Yoav
1999 The Diversification Of Banking Activities PhD Krausz Miriam
1999 תאוריה כלכלית של הפרטה ותהליך ממושה PhD גל, בת שבע ‬
1998 בחירה פרטית מרחבת PhD בהרד איל ‬
1998 בחירה פרטית מרחבת PhD בהרד איל ‬
1998 שעור האבטלה הטבעי ותעסוקה מלאה בישראל PhD מלכה, עירית
1997 בחינת כח האדם ותהליך התעוש בסקטור הערבי בישראל PhD ונונו, יוסף
1992 ‫ איכות ארגונית ואופטימליות של מבנה קבלת החלטות PhD בן ישר, רות
1990 תהליכי השרדות של תת קבוצות במערכת הקבוצית PhD פולובין, אברהם