Professor Emeritus Adrian Ziderman

303; Building : 504

    Personal Details:

    • Citizen of the United Kingdom and of Israel
    • Married, with three sons, a daughter and fourteen grandchildren



    Moshav Gimzo, 73130, Israel

    Phone: (972) 8-9285260

    Phone and Fax: (972) 8-9285246


    Economics Department, Bar-Ilan University

    52900 Ramat Gan, Israel

    Phone: (972) 3-5318394 or 5318921

    Fax: (972) 3-5353180 or 6351730


    Year Degree Institution
    1959 B.A (hons) in Economics Downing College, Cambridge University, UK
    1961 A.M. in Economics Stanford University, U.S.A.
    1963 M.A. Cambridge University, UK
    1973 Ph.D. in Economics London School of Economics & Political Science, UK

    Positions Held:

    • Stanford University:  Instructor in Economics, 1960-1961
    • National Bureau of Economic Research, New York:  Research Assistant, Summer 1961
    • The Economist Intelligence Unit, London:  Staff member, January 1962-April 1964
    • London School of Economics and Political Science: Research Officer, Unit for Economic and Statistical Studies on Higher Education, April 1964-September 1966
    • Queen Mary, University of London: Senior Lecturer in Economics, formerly Lecturer, April 1966-July 1975
    • Tel-Aviv University:  Associate Professor, Department of Labour Studies, October 1978-July 1980
    • Bar-Ilan University: 
      • Professor, formerly Associate Professor, Department of Economics  and School of Education, October 1975-June 2006
      • Director, Economics Research Institute, October 1979-October 1984
      • Head of Economics Department, February 1980-March 1982
      • Chairman of the Schnitzer Foundation for Research on the Israel Economy and Society, 2003-2012;    
      • Sir Isaac Wolfson Professor of Economics and Business Administration, October 2002-June 2006
      • Professor Emeritus, from June 2006
    • University of British Columbia:  Professor of Economics (visiting), Department of Economics, July-December 1985
    • The World Bank, Washington, D.C.: Senior Economist, Population and Human Resources, July 1987- September 1990
    • Guest Professor: Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China Editor-in-Chief, International Journal of Manpower, from November 1997

    Other Activities (Selected):

    Editor, International Journal of Manpower (since 1998) Chair, The Schnitzer Foundation for Research on the Israel Economy and Society Member of the International Advisory Board, the Ford Foundation International Comparative Higher Education Finance and Accessibility Project, State University of New York at Buffalo Scientific Director, UNESCO Regional Study on Student Loans in S.E. Asia (Hong Kong, Mainland China, the Philippines, the Republic of Korea and Thailand)

    Editorial Activities:

    Editor, International Journal of Manpower

    • Editorial Board, Economics of Education Review(1988-2003).
    • International Advisory Board, Journal of Vocational Education and Training
    • Editorial Advisory Board, Education and Training
    • Editorial Advisory Board, Journal of European Industrial Training
    Guest Editor:
    • Special focus section: Secondary Schooling in Israel. Comparative Education Review, May 1989
    • International Journal of Manpower, Vol. 18 No. 1/2, 1997. Special issue: Skills Training in Developing Countries: Financial and Planning Issues.
    • Economics of Education Review, Vol. 9 No. 4, 1990. Special issue: Vocational Education and Training in Developing Countries.

    Journal Referee:

    • Applied Economics
    • Australian Economic Papers
    • Comparative Education Review
    • Economic Journal
    • Economics of Education Review
    • Economic Development and Cultural Change
    • Education Economics
    • European Journal of Political Economy
    • Higher Education
    • Industrial Relations
    • International Journal of Middle East Studies
    • International Journal of Manpower
    • Journal of Population Economics
    • Journal of European Industrial Training
    • Journal of Vocational Education and Training
    • Journal of Human Resources
    • Megamot
    • Vocational Aspect of Education
    • World Bank Economic Review

    Research Students:


    Dr. Zhou Jin, Huazhong University of Science & Technology, China (Kort Fellowship)

    Doctoral students:

    • Iris Ben-David Hadar (Milgat HaNasi),
    • Dina Menkin

    M.A students:

    • Avi Drut
    • Ilan Yaron


    Adrian Ziderman is Sir Isaac Wolfson Professor in Economics and Business Administration. He was born in the UK and educated at Cambridge and Stanford universities and at the London School of Economics (Ph.D.). He is a former UK State Scholar and Fulbright Scholar. His main fields of specialty are: labour markets and labour force participation; the economics, evaluation and finance of vocational education and training; and university funding, including student loans and cost-sharing. He is Editor of the International Journal of Manpower, Research Fellow at the IZA in Bonn Germany and Guest Professor at Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST), Wuhan, China.

    He was formerly senior economist for human resources at the World Bank and has served as a consultant to international organizations, including UNESCO, the World Bank, the British Council, DANIDA and the Asian Development Bank, as well as to government ministries in Israel, Kenya, Lesotho, Mozambique, Namibia, the Philippines, South Africa, the Sudan, Tanzania, Thailand, Turkey, the UK and Zambia. He is Chair of the Schnitzer Foundation for Research on the Israel Economy and Society


    Books and Monographs:

    • The Utilization of Educated Manpower in Industry, London School of Economics and Political Science and Oliver and Boyd, 1967, (with Mark Blaug and M. H. Peston), 1967. North American edition: Toronto University Press, 1967.
    • Manpower Training: Theory and Policy, Macmillan Studies in Economics, London: Macmillan, 1978.
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    • Student Loans in Thailand; Are they Effective, Equitable, Sustainable? Bangkok: UNESCO, 2003 Chinese edition, Peking University, 2008
    • Financing Vocational Training in Sub-Saharan Africa, Washington, D.C.: The World Bank, 2003
    • Policy Options for Student Loan Schemes, Paris: International Institute for Educational Planning, UNESCO, 2004 Vietnamese edition, UNESCO, Hanoi, 2006 Chinese edition, Peking University, 2008

    Refereed Papers:

    • "Leisure Activities of Jewish Teenagers in London," Jewish Journal of Sociology, December 1966.
      Reprinted in:
      Betfutsot Hagolah, 10, 3/4. (46/47) (Hebrew).
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    Submitted Papers

    • "Wage Mobility in Israel: the Effect of Sectoral Concentration", (with A. R. Cardoso and S. Neuman) "A New Model for Equitable and Efficient Allocation of Resources for Schools: The Israeli Case", (with Iris BenDavid-Hadar)

    Economics of Labor Markets, Economics of Education, University Finance

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