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Research Categories
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  2. Schreiber, A. (2015). A note on Aumann and Serrano’s index of riskiness. Economics Letters, 131, 9-11
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  4. Avramov, D., Cheng, S., Schreiber, A., & Shemer, K. (2017). Scaling up market anomalies. Journal of Investing,  26 (3) 89-105.
  5. Fishman, A., Don-Yehiya, H., & Schreiber, A. (2018). Too big to succeed or too big to fail?. Small Business Economics, 1-12.
  6. Hellman, Z., & Schreiber, A. (2018). Indexing gamble desirability by extending proportional stochastic dominance. Games and Economic Behavior109, 523-543.
  7. Heller, Yuval, and Amnon Schreiber. "Short‐term investments and indices of risk." Theoretical Economics 15, no. 3 (2020): 891-921.
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  9. Bavly, G., Heller, Y., & Schreiber, A. (2022). Social welfare in search games with asymmetric information. Journal of Economic Theory202, 105462.
  10. Kremer, Ilan, Amnon Schreiber, and Andrzej Skrzypacz. (2023) "Disclosing a Random Walk." forthcoming in Journal of Finance.
Working Papers

1. Disclosing a random walk, with Ilan Kremer and Andy Skrzypacz.

2. Sampling dynamics and stable mixing in hawk-dove games, Joint with Srinivas Arigapudi  and Yuval Heller

3. Long Term Customer Relationships, Firm Survival and Shakeout, with Arthur Fishman (R&R)

4. Jumps in Default Risk and Debt Maturity, with Balazs Cserna and Ariel Levy 


2021-2022 semester A:

  1. Course 66258: Financial Markets and Instruments I, for second-year students. 
  2. Course 66358: Financial Markets and Instruments II, for third-year students.



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