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Professor Emeritus Jacob Paroush



    1955-1958 Economics and Mathematics, B.A., The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
    1959-1962 Statistics, M.A. Cum Laude, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
    1967-1969 Economics, Ph.D. Columbia University Subject of thesis (M.A.): Uses of Facet Analysis and Factor Analysis in Economics. Subject of dissertation (Ph.D.): Consumption Technology and Order Relations in Consumption

    Positions Held

    1964-1967 Non-Resident Lecturer, The Hebrew University
    1963-1967 Senior Economist, Research Dept., The Bank of Israel.
    1970-1971 Visiting Associate Professor, Rutgers University
    1971-1974 Senior Lecturer, Bar-Ilan University.
    1973-1975 Head of Economics Dept., Bar-Ilan University.
    1974-1978 Associate Professor of Economics, Bar-Ilan University.
    1976-1977 Visiting Associate Professor, The University of Toronto.
    1979-Present Full Professor of Economics, Bar-Ilan University.
    1980-1981 Visiting Professor at New York University and Rutgers University.
    1984-1985 Visiting Professor at the City University of New York.


    1969 Freidman Prize for the best Ph.D. dissertation in Economics in 1969 at Columbia University.

    Professional Activity

    1976-1984 Member of the Editorial Board of European Economic Review.
    1977-1978 Member of the Editorial Board of Bank of Israel Bulletin.
    1980-1991 A reviewer for Mathematical Reviews.
    1981-1984 Member of the Editorial Advisory Board of Journal of Economics and Business.
    1985-Present Member of the Editorial Board of Issues in Banking (Hebrew).
    1991-Present Member of the Editorial Board of the Atlantic Economic Journal.
    1998-1999 President of the Israeli Economic Association.
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    Microeconomics, Decision Theory, Banking

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