Economics conference - LEG 2019

"BIU's Department of Economics held an international conference on Learning, Evolution and Games (LEG2019) on June 24th-26th, 2019. The conference included 60 researchers from 15 countries and various academic disciplines: economics, biology, computer science, sociology, and mathematics. The conference dealt with strategic interactions in which the agents gradually learn their environment, and adjust their behavior accordingly.  This  adjustment may be the result of rational thinking, social learning, imitating succesul agents, or genetic evolution. The keynote speakers were Ingela Alger (Toulouse school of Economics), Ido Erev (Israel Institute of Technology), Drew Fudenberg (MIT), Sergiu Hart (Hebrew University of Jerusalem), Laurent Lehmann (University of Lausanne), Olof Leimar (Stockholm University), John Mcnamara (University of Bristol), and Arthur Robson (Simon Fraser University). Further details on the conference can be found at:"