Dr. Yuval Shilony

Senior Lecturer
Dr. Yuval Shilony
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Research interests: 
Insurance, Economics of Uncertainty, Industrial Organization



1967 B.A. in Economics and Social Sciences, Hebrew University
1971 M.A. in Economics, B.A. Mathematics, Hebrew University
Ph.D. in Economics, University of California, Berkeley.
1975 Disseration: Mixed Pricing in Oligopoly

Instructor: Professor D. McFadden



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Work Submitted

  1. Insurance Production and the Alleged Advantage of Large Numbers
  2. Solvency-Dependent Demand and 'Junk' Insurance
  3. The Futility of Current Legislation against Wage Discrimination (with Y. Tobol)
  4. Samuelson's Conjecture, Returns to Scale and Reinsurance
  5. Quantifying Insurer Solvency

Work in Progress

  1. Basic Microeconomics of the Insurance Firm
  2. Options as Bets (with A. Schnytzer)
  3. The Rising Industry Supply Curve and Producer's Surplus