Bar-Ilan Summertime Seminar סמינר אב–אלול

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Coordinator:    Professor Igal Milchtaich

Time:    Wednesdays between 11:30–12:30

Place:   Economics building (504), faculty lounge on the first floor, and as a Zoom meeting


Date Speaker Title Resources
July 29, 2020 Igal Milchtaich
Bar-Ilan University
Best-Response Equilibrium: An Equilibrium in Finitely Additive Mixed Strategies Slides
August 5, 2020 Ilan Nehama
Bar-Ilan University
Manipulation-Resistant False-Name-Proof Facility Location Mechanisms for Complex Graphs Zoom recording
August 12, 2020 Robert J. Aumann
Hebrew University
A Synthesis of Behavioural and Mainstream Economics Zoom recording
August 19, 2020 Ziv Hellman,
Bar-Ilan University
Charges and Bets: A General Characterisation of Common Priors Zoom recording
August 26, 2020 Ron Peretz,
Bar-Ilan University
From Martin to Shmaya – A Survey of Two-Person Zero-Sum Games With Borel Measurable Payoff Functions Zoom recording
September 2, 2020 Yuval Heller,
Bar-Ilan University
The Benefits of Naive Data Analytics Zoom recording
September 9, 2020 Eran Hanany,
Tel Aviv University
Incomplete Information Games with Ambiguity Averse Players Zoom recording
September 16, 2020 Galit Ashkenazi-Golan,
Tel Aviv University
Reachability and Safety Objectives in Markov Decision Processes on Long but Finite Horizons Zoom recording;

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