Academic Staff

Head of Department

Name Research Theme
Associate Prof. Eyal Baharad Prof. Eyal Baharad Microeconomics Theory, Social Choice, Public Economics

Deputy to the Head of Department

Name Research Theme
Dr. Sarit Goldner Dr. Sarit Goldner Labor Economics, Econometrics, Migration


Name Research Theme
jorge_photo Dr. Jorge Ale-Chilet Industrial Organization, Empirical Microeconomics
Dr. Shiri Alon Eron Decision Theory, Game Theory
Dr. Ruth Ben-Yashar Collective Decision-Making.
Prof. Elise S. Brezis Prof. Elise S. Brezis Elites, Higher Education, Population Economics, Economic Development, Growth, Israeli Economy
Prof. Gil S. Epstein Prof. Gil S. Epstein Labor Economics, Political Economy, Public Economics, Migration
Dr. Naomi Friedman-Sokuler Dr. Naomi Friedman-Sokuler Labor Economics, Economics of Education, Gender and Ethnic Gaps, Inequality and Social Mobility, Program Evaluation
Dr. Gabrielle  Gayer Dr. Gabrielle Gayer Microeconomics, Decision Theory, Social Choice
Dr. Sarit Goldner Dr. Sarit Goldner Labor Economics, Econometrics, Migration
Dr. Nathan Goldstein Dr. Nathan Goldstein Macroeconomics, Applied econometrics
Associate Prof. Joel Guttman Prof. Joel Guttman Political Economy, Public Economics, Economic Growth, Microfinance, Economics of Conflict, Social Norms, Endogenous Preferences, Evolution of Cooperation
prof. Yuval Heller Prof. Yuval Heller Microeconomic Theory, Game Theory, Behavioral Economics, Evolutionary Foundations of Economic Behavior
Dr Ziv Hellman Dr. Ziv Hellman Game Theory, Rationality, Interactive Epistemology, Evolutionary Theory
Prof. Daniel Levy Macroeconomics, Industrial Organization, Political Economy
Prof. Offer Lieberman Prof. Offer Lieberman Econometric Theory, Econometric Practice, Time Series Analysis
Prof. Igal Milchtaich Prof. Igal Milchtaich Game Theory, Economic Theory, Social Choice, Applications to Biology
Dr. Ron Peretz Dr. Ron Peretz Game Theory, Games With Bounded Complexity
Dr. Amnon Schreiber Dr. Amnon Schreiber Decision Making, Asset Pricing
Prof. Avi Weiss Prof. Avi Weiss Industrial Organization, Labor, Antitrust, Migration, Experimental Economics, Behavioral Economics, Law and Economics