Emeritus Faculty and Former Chairman

Name Research Theme
Prof. Gershon Alperovich Gershon Alperovich Regional Economics, Urban Structure, Land Use, Distribution of Urban Areas, Urban Transportation
Prof. Shlomo Eckstein Shlomo Eckstein Privatization, Project Evaluation
Prof. Arthur Fishman Arthur Fishman Microeconomic Theory , Industrial Organization
Professor Arye L. Hillman Arye L. Hillman The Political Economy of Public Policy
Prof. Nava Kahana Nava Kahana Comparative Economics, Applied Microeconomics, Migration and Political Economy
Arye Lapidoth Taxation
Prof. Shoshana Neuman Shoshana Neuman Labor Economics, Economics of Human Resources
Prof. Shmuel Nitzan Shmuel Nitzan Public Economics, Group Decision Making, Economics and Politics, Social and Individual Choice
Jacob Paroush Microeconomics, Decision Theory, Banking
Prof. Jacob Rosenberg Jacob Rosenberg Macroeconomics, Public Choice, Economics and Jewish Law
Prof. Jacques Silber Jacques Silber Inequality, Poverty and Mobility, Segregation and Discrimination in the Labor Market
Associate Prof. Warren Young Warren Young History of Economic Thought, Energy Economics
Prof. Adrian Ziderman Adrian Ziderman Economics of Labor Markets, Economics of Education, University Finance
Prof. Ben-Zion Zilberfarb Ben-Zion Zilberfarb Macroeconomics, Israeli Economy