M.A Workshop 2019-2020

Academic Year: 
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Semester A

Date Speaker Title
October 30, 2019 Igal Milchtaich
Bar-Ilan University
סטטיקה השוואתית של זולתנות וטינה
November 06, 2019 Ron Peretz
Bar-Ilan University
משחקים חוזרים עם מגבלת זיכרון
November 13, 2019 Eyal Baharad
Bar-Ilan University
עקרון הרוב וכללי נקודות
November 20, 2019 Jorge Ale Chilet
Bar-Ilan University
Physician Experience and Learning by Doing in a New Hospital
November 27, 2019 Nathan Goldstein
Bar-Ilan University
Tracking Inattention: A New Expectations-Based Measure
December 04, 2019 Tim Ginker
Bar-Ilan University
Conditionally Heteroscedastic Binary Time Series