Dr. Avraham Polovin

Dr. Avraham Polovin
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Kibbutz Beerot-Yitzhak, 60905, Israel

Telephone: (972)-3-9371879

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Married, five children



B.Sc. Agricultural Economics, Faculty of Agriculture, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem


M.Sc. Agricultural Economics, Faculty of Agriculture, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem


Ph.D., Economics, Bar-Ilan University

2008 Associate Professor, Council of Higher Education


Professional experience:

   2008 - present    Associate Professor, Center for Academic Studies, Or Yehuda


Senior Lecturer, Ruppin Institute


Instructor, Bar-Ilan University


Lecturer, Bar-Ilan University


Sabbatical, Harvard University


Sabbatical, Stanford University


Sabbatical, Stanford University


Managerial Activities

1999 - 2001

Academic manager of the Executive Business Administration Program of the Ruppin Institute

1991 - 1993

Chair of Economics and Accounting Departments of the Ruppin Institute


Manager of Economic Activities, Kibbutz Beerot Yitzhak

1979 - 1980

Management of the Ruppin Institute

1972 - 1978

Treasurer and Economic Consultant, Kibbutz Beerot Yitzhak


Farm Management Kibbutz Beerot-Yitzhak

Economic Consultant to kibbutzim, The Religious Kibbutz Movement

Member of the Economic Committee of the Religious Kibbutz Movement

Member of the Central Tax Committee of the Kibbutz Movement

Controller of the Israeli Sports Association

Controller of the Israeli Basketball Association

Partnership in an Economic consulting company, "Bar-Av"

Chairman and founder of "Avrot" pipes factory, including going public

Membership in an International Inequality research group

Executive Member of several public corporations, Representing shareholders

Membership in board of directors of the "Olami bank"

Teaching experience:


Cost Accounting

Introduction to Finance

Corporate Finance

Financial Statements Analysis


Conference Presentations

1. Second Generation of Religious Kibbutzim", presented at the international Conference of Applied Psychology, Jerusalem, April 1986.

2. "The Religious Kibbutz Movement - Settlement Policy", presented at Harvard University, Lecturers' Seminar, January 1986.

3. "Personal Differences Among 'Stayers' of the Kibbutz", presented at the International Conference of Communal Studies, Edinburgh, 1988.

4. "Variance Among Subgroups in Kibbutz Society", presented at the Israeli Convention of Kibbutz Research, Rupee Institute, Israel, May 1989.

5. "Youth-Movements Origin, as an Ideological Factor in the Way of Thinking of Kibbutz Members", presented at the Israeli Annual Convention of Kibbutz Research, Emek Hayarden, Israel, 1992.

6. "Kibbutz Characteristics and their Relationship to the Absorption of Members", presented at the International Conference on Labor-Managed Firms, Bar-Ilan University, May 1992.

7. "Inequality Among the Kibbutzim", presented at the International Seminar on Economic Policy and Income Distribution, The Hebrew University, The Bar-Ilan University and The Ruppin Institute, Israel, May 1993.

8. "Productivity of the Kibbutzim During Crisis", presented at the Fifth International Conference of the Communal Studies Association, Yad Tabenkin, Israel, June 1995.

9. "Perception of Risk and Inequality", presented in the European Economic Society conference, Bolzano-Italy, August 2000

10.  “Preference Reversal and the Analysis of Income Distribution”, presented to the European Economic Society conference, Stockholm – Sweden, July 2003

 11. "Inequality and Entrepreneurial Risk-Taking of Organizations",Innovation, competition and growth: Schumpeterian perspectives, Sophia-Antipolis, France, June 2006



Scholarship and Awards


Scholarship for Ph.D. Dissertation from the Histadrut Trade Union Organization, Israel, 1986,


The Schnitzer Award for Excellent Doctoral Dissertation in Social Studies, Bar-Ilan University, 1992.






       Published articles

1.      Amiel, Y., Cowell, F., Davidovitz, L., Polovin, A., (2008),  

        "Preference Reversals and the Analysis of Income Distribution",  

         Social Choice and  Welfare, V. 30, pp. 305-330

2.    Davidovitz, L., Heilbrunn S., Polovin A. ,( 2006), 

       "Inequality and Entrepreneurial Risk-taking of  

        Organizations", The ICFAI Journal of 

        Entrepreneurship  Development, V.III, No. 4, pp. 52-66

 3.    Polovin, A. (2004), “Religious Aspects in the 

       Perception of the Second Generation in the Religious 

        Kibbutzim”, in Education as a Social Challenge,  

        Dror,Y. & Gros, Z. ed. Research in memory of Prof.   

       M. Barlev, Ramot – Tel Aviv University,  pp 111-128


  4.    Amiel, Y.  Cowell, F. Polovin, A. (2001) “Risk perceptions, income  

         transformation and Inequality”, European Economic Review,  May     

        2001,    pp 964-977

 5.   Kroll, Y. Polovin, A. (1997),  “Productivity and 

        Consumption in the Kibbutz System at a Time of Crisis:

        Measurement and Comparison to National Statistics”, Journal  

       of  Rural Cooperation V. 25(1), pp 21-31

6.    Amiel, Y. Cowell, F. Polovin, A. (1995), “Inequality Among the

       Kibbutzim”, Economica, pp S63-S85

  7.    Kroll, Y. Polovin, A. (1995),  “Productivity and Consumption in

       the Communal Kibbutz System During a Period of Crisis:

       Measurement and a Comparison with Israeli National Figures”, The  

        Economics Quarterly 42: (Hebrew), pp 317-330


 8.      Barrlev, M. Leslau, A. Polovin, A. (1993), “Subjective Well-

          Being of the Second Generation in the Religious Kibbutzim”,

          Israel Social Science Research 8 (1): Ben-Gurion University, pp  


Unrefereed articles

  1. Amiel, A. Cowell, F. Davidovitz, L. Polovin, A. (2002), “Preference Reversals and the Analysis of Income Distribution”, Working Paper
  2. Amiel, A. Cowell, F.  Polovin, A.  (1994), “Inequality Among the Kibbutzim”, June 1994, Discussion Paper No. 56, The Development Economics Research Program, STICERED,.
  3. Barlev, M. Leslau, A. Polovin, A. (1992), “Second Generation Satisfaction Variables”, 1992, Religious Kibbutz Research, Tel-Aviv
  4.  "Changes in Economic Farm Planning Due to Saline Water Irrigation", M.Sc. Dissertation, 1974, The Hebrew University, Jerusalem.




Financial Statement Analysis



Economical Psychology



  1. Introduction to Accounting - level A, Bar Ilan University
  2. Introduction to Finance - Bar Ilan University, The Hebrew University, Ruppin Academic Center, Netanya College and The Center of Academic Studies
  3. Corporate Finance and investments, Bar Ilan University and The Center of Academic Studies
  4. Advanced Financial problems, Bar Ilan University
  5. The Stock market Activity, Bar Ilan University
  6. Corporate Finance Seminar, The Hebrew University, Netanya College
  7. Irrationality Seminar, Ruppin Academic Center
  8. Financial Statement Analysis, Ruppin Academic Center, Netanya College
  9. Cost Accounting, Ruppin Academic Center