Working Papers

Series coordinator: Prof. Igal Milchtaich

The Economics Department working papers series is published also by RePEc (Research Papers in Economics).

No. Author/s Title Date Abstract Download

Teresa García-Muñoz, Shoshana Neuman and Tzahi Neuman

Subjective Health Status of the Older Population: Is It Related to Country-Specific Economic Development Measures? January 2014 Abstract PDF

Erel Segal-Halevi and Shmuel Nitzan

Cake Cutting – Fair and Square January 2014 Abstract PDF

Elise S. Brezis and Joël Hellier

Social Mobility at the Top: Why Are Elites Self-Reproducing? December 2013 Abstract PDF

Elise S. Brezis and Ariel Soueri

Mobility of Students and Quality of Higher Education: An Empirical Analysis of the “Unified Brain Drain” Model November 2013 Abstract PDF

Elise S. Brezis and Warren Young

Population and Economic Growth: Ancient and Moderns November 2013 Abstract PDF

Gil S. Epstein and Yosef Mealem

Politicians, Governed vs. Non-Governed Interest Groups and Rent Dissipation November 2013 Abstract PDF

Teresa Garcia-Muñoz and Shoshana Neuman

Bridges or Buffers? Motives behind Immigrants’ Religiosity – A Comparative Study of Europe and the United States October 2013 Abstract PDF

Pablo Brañas-Garza, Antonio M. Espín and Shoshana Neuman


Effects of Religiosity on Social Behaviour: Experimental Evidence From a Representative Sample of Spaniards October 2013 Abstract PDF

Andrew T. Young and Daniel Levy

Explicit Evidence of an Implicit Contract October 2013 Abstract PDF

Maurice Kugler, Oren Levintal and Hillel Rapoport

Migration and Cross-Border Financial Flows August 2013 Abstract PDF