Affiliated Faculty

Name Research Theme
David Aidelberg Corporate Law and Legal Advice to Private and Public Companies
תמונה של מר צבי אורבך Zvi Auerbach Israeli Economics
Mr. Hillel Basch Hillel Basch Computer Applications and Finance
Adv. Gilad Berman Gilad Berman Corporate Law, Jurisprudence, Labor Law, Insurance Law
Dr.Daphna Brueller Daphna Brueller Management and the Behavioral Micro-Foundations of Strategy, Particularly in Service Industries
Dr. Shmuel (Mula) Cohen Shmuel (Mula) Cohen Finance
Dr. Lutzy Cojocaru Lutzy Cojocaru Statistics
Ephraim Grossman
לימור חצור Limor Hatsor Theoretical and Empirical Economics of Education, Labor Economics, Insurance Economics, Growth, Public Economics
Dr. Zvi Itzkovich Zvi Itzkovich The Interaction Between Macro Economic Policy and The Capital Markets
Dvir Kaveh Positive Psychology Organizational & Social Psychology Decission Making & Behavioral Psychology Leadership & Management Styles
Zvi Kenigsbuch Corporate Taxation
Dr. Aben Khvoles Aben Khvoles Multidimensional Singular Integral Equations, Functional Analysis, Differential Equations, Complex Analysis,Finance Mathematics
Dr. Doron Klunover Doron Klunover Political Economy, Public Economy and Applied Microeconomics
Moti Nehzer Management
Sarit Nethanel Sarit Nethanel
Arik Nissan
Dr. Yair Orbach Yair Orbach Market Forecasting, Industrial Marketing (B2B), Innovative Products
Dr. Tal Patal Tal Patal Decision Making, Auditing, Accounting
Osnat Peled-Levy Osnat Peled-Levy Labor Market and Welfare Policy, Polarization, Distributional Change
Dr. Avraham Polovin Avraham Polovin Finance,Inequality
Accountant Baruch Rabin Baruch Rabin Accounting
Dr. Ben Zion Schreiber Ben Zion Schreiber Finance
Yair Sharabani Accounting
Eldad Shidlovsky Risk Management, Macroeconomics, Public Policy