Dr. Zoya Nissanov

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Dr. Zoya Nissanov
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Research interests: 
Income Polarization, Inequality and Economic Transition.


Published papers:

  • "On some extensions of the concept of growth incidence curves",
    (with Jacques Silber), Applied Economics Letters, 2011, 18:5, 479-483
  • "On Pro-Poor Growth and the Measurement of Convergence," (with Jacques Silber), Economics Letters, 2009, 105: 270-272.
  • "Measuring Bi-Polarization and Polarization: a Survey", (with Ambra Poggi and Jacques Silber), in “The Measurement of Individual Well-being and Group Inequalities: Essays in memory of Z. M. Berrebi”, J.Deutsch and J. Silber , Eds. (Routledge), 2010