Dr. Ziv Hellman

Dr. Ziv Hellman
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Game Theory, Rationality, Interactive Epistemology, Applications to Evolutionary Theory



A.B. in Mathematics Princeton University
M.A. in Mathematics University of California at San Diego
Ph.D in Mathematics Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Einstein Institute of Mathematics and the Centre for the Study of Rationality)




Post-Doctoral Fellow Tel Aviv University, School of Mathematical Sciences



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   Common Priors and Uncommon Priors



  1. Run-time architecture for enterprise integration with transformation generation, U.S. Patent 7,146,399 B2 (co-invention)
  2. Method and system for collaborative ontology modelling, U.S. Patent 7,099,885 and European Patent Office Publication No. EP 1,260,916 (co-invention)
  3. Enterprise information unification, U.S. Patent 7,673,282 (co-invention)
  4. Method and system for mapping enterprise data assets to a semantic information model, U.S. Patent 7,877,421 (co-invention)
  5. Run-time architecture for enterprise integration with transformation generation, U.S. Patent 7,930,292 (co-invention)
  6. Method and system for deriving a transformation by referring schema to a central model, European Patent Office Publication EP 1,327,941 (co-invention)


Translator of the book Game Theory, by Michael Maschler, Eilon Solan, and Shmuel Zamir, Cambridge University Press, 2013




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Sex with No Regrets (joint with Omer Edhan and Dana Sherill), Journal of Theoretical Biology