Prof. Shlomo Eckstein

Prof. Shlomo Eckstein
Research interests: 
Privatization, Project Evaluation



Born in Germany, 1929
Married, three children
Israeli citizen

Present Position:

Professor of Economics, Bar-Ilan University

Advanced Degrees:

  • Ph.D. in Economics, 1964, Harvard University
  • Licenciado en Economia, 1957, Universidad Nacional Automoma de Mexico

Professional Work and Public Assignments:

1995- Member, Board of Governors, The Jewish Agency for Israel
1991- Member,Interregional Network on Privatization, United Nation Development Program (UNDP), New York
1992-96: President, Bar-Ilan University
1986-95: Member, Board of Directors, United Mizrachi Bank, Israel
1970-92: Member, Board of Directors, Israel Chemicals, Ltd.
1988-89: Visiting Scholar, MIT and Boston University
1976-78; 87-89 Member, Council for Higher Education, Israel
1984-89: Member, National Council for Research and Development, Israel
1985-86: Member, Executive Committee for the Introduction of Nuclear Power into Israel; Chair of Economic Appraisal Subcommittee
1978-82: Rector, Bar-Ilan University
1974-78: Chair, Public Steering Committees of the Mediterranean-Dead Sea Hydroelectric Project
1970-78: Member, Board of Directors, Negev Phosphates, Ltd.
1970-75: Member, Board of Directors, Dead Sea Works, Ltd.
1972-73: Economist, Development Economics Department, World Bank,Washington, DC, in charge of Research Project on Land Reform in Latin America
1972: Consultant to the President of Mexico on Agricultural and Agrarian Programs and Policy
1971-72: Chair, Public Committee on Budgeting and Reporting of State-Controlled Enterprises in Israel
1969: Consultant to the President of Peru on Land Reform Projects
1961-65; 68-71: Chair, Department of Economics, Bar-Ilan University
1966-68: Senior Researcher, Program on Land Tenure and Development in Mexico, the Inter-American Committee of Agricultural Development (IDB/CIDA),Washington, DC
1966: Consultant to the United Nations for the World Land Reform Conference in Rome
1964-65: Lecturer on Agricultural Planning and Cooperatives in Venezuela and Chile under the OAS/Israel Program
1964-65: Coordinator, Subcommittee on Research in Agricultural Economics, The National Science Foundation, Israel