Dr. Benjamin Willem de Vries

Dr. Benjamin Willem de Vries
Research interests: 
Economic History


Professional Address:

Department of Economics

52900 Ramat Gan


Phone number: 972-3-531 8943

Fax number: 972-3-535 3180

E-mail: benan@netvision.net.il

Personal Details:

Born June 24, 1923. Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Citizenship: Israeli and Dutch

Married with Annemarie Broekhuijsen

3 children, 10 grandchildren

Aliya (emigration to Israel) 1957


1956 Ph.D. in Economics UVA

University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands with high honours Thesis: "De Nederlandse Papiernijverheid in de 19de Eeuw".

1951 M.A. in Economics UVA

University of Amsterdam Dissertation: "Guaranteed Wage System"

1948 B.A. in Economics UVA

University of Amsterdam


Academic Experience


Associate Professor, Department of Economics, Bar-Ilan University, Ramat-Gan, Israel


Member of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Sciences


Senior Lecturer, Department of Economics, Bar-Ilan University, Ramat Gan, Israel


Lecturer, Business Administration, Tel Aviv University


Other Activities


Adjunct Director Export Market Research Department, Ministry of Industry and Trade, Israel


Israel Export Institute, Tel Aviv


Nesher Cement Works, Haifa, Israel


Assistant Director Hollandsche Papier Industrie NV, Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Assistant Account Executive, Lintas, Unilever, Rotterdam, The Netherlands


Farmhand during German occupation of The Netherlands in W.W. II






Contributions on Economic History in various Encyclopaedia's


Reports on behalf of Israel's Ministry of Industry and Trade on markets and marketing problems in various countries


De Nederlandse Papiernijverheid in de 19de eeuw, 's-Gravenhage, 1957 (with English summary)


Some notes on wind- and watermills in Israel, 1962


A Corner of Jewish Economic History: Activities of Jews in the Dutch Textile Industry of the 19th century, Jerusalem 1984


Jews opting for Industry: some achievements of a Minority in the Industrialization in The Netherlands; Bar Ilan Discussion Paper, Ramat Gan, 1984;


From Pedlars to Textile Barons, the Economic Development of a Jewish Minority Group in The Netherlands, Amsterdam, 1989


Genealogy of M.E. de Vries and B.W, de Vries, Tel Aviv, 1990 (together with twin brother)


Ashkenazi Cholent and Spanish Pepper. The colourful Ancestry of Annemarie de Vries-Broekhuijsen, Tel Aviv, 1994


Of Mettle and Metal. From Court Jews to world-wide Industrialists, Amsterdam, 2000


Remi: Portrait of a young Dutch Jew in the Holocaust, Herzliyya 2003

David's Diary.Memoirs of a Jewish family during the German occupation of the Netherlands.2008


David’s Diary. Memoirs of a Jewish family during the German occupation of the Netherlands, 2008


From mercenary to prominent Entrepreneur in the pre-industrial Netherlands, a Case History. 2013


Remembering Two Aunts in the Holocaust.(Forthcoming)



Courses taught


Market research

European Economic History

Introduction to Economic History

Modern Economic History