Ph.D. Workshop 2017-2018

Academic Year: 

Semester B

Date Speaker Title
March 05, 2018 Igal Milchtaich
Bar-Ilan University
Comparative Statics of Altruism and Spite
March 12, 2018 Eyal Baharad
Bar-Ilan University
נושאים בבחירה בינארית ובבחירה רבת משתתפים
March 19, 2018 Tal Patal
Bar-Ilan University
Collective Decision making in a Team whose Members’ Skills Depend on States of Nature
April 16, 2018 Limor Hatsor
Bar-Ilan University
Safety Hazards and Industry Reputation
April 23, 2018 Efrat Shust
Bar-Ilan University
What Happens to Investor Disagreement When the Regulator Bans Voluntary Disclosure
May 07, 2018 Claudia Senik
Paris School of Economics
Math, Girls and Socialism